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Awesome photos Rick! Thanks for sharing.

Jim Brewer

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> Number 21, the outbound train, made a backup move to access the switch to
> proceed south on the Winston-Salem branch.  Number 22 arrived in Roanoke on
> the same route and made a backup move into the station.  Remember when the
> Columbus to Winston-Salem sleeper still operated, that made it easy for the
> station switcher to move the sleeper from and to the Pocahontas.
> Two photos of trains 21 and 4. The photo taken from the station concourse
> shows train 4 on track 2. In the distance is train 21 on track 3 where it
> loaded express and passengers.  The second photo taken from the platform
> shows 21 backing west past train 4. These photos are from summer 1960.  The
> sleeper to Winston-Salem was discontinued by this time.
> If my memory is correct westbound train 3 arrived on track 4 and train 12
> from Winston-Salem backed in on track 3.  I will check my photos to
> verify.  Number 12 arrived about 50 minutes before the Pocahontas arrived.
> --Rick Morrison
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> Since the distance between the western end of the platform for track 4 at
> Roanoke and the turnout to Winston Salem was 540 feet, how did the
> passenger trains to/from the WS District operate?  Was there enough room
> west of the turnout for the entire train including engine to arrive/depart
> there?  Or did each train have to back into/out of the station and use the
> east leg of the wye to reach the WS line?  Anybody remember?
> Glenn Fisher
> Cornwall PA
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