GP9 Horns/Bells & N&W Caboose Markers

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Thu Nov 21 01:13:03 EST 2019

Howdy gang,

Got a couple good questions for y'all.

1) What type of marker lights/lamps/lanterns? did N&W use to display 
markers on class CF cabooses circa late 1950s (around when diesels were 

2)In the later 50s when the GP9s were delivered what type horn were they 
equipped with? and were they equipped with Steel or Bronze bells?

I ask these questions as I am adding sound to a GP9 model and I am about 
to build a class CF kit and want to add markers. I figured these being 
more historical related questions they were better suited for this list 
as opposed to the modeling list.

Thanks for any and all help,


Nathan Simmons

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