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Google search turns up this page with a now closed auction for some N & W overalls: 




The page has this information on N &W: 


PLEASE NOTE: A knowledgeable eBayer sent me this info. According to http://www.dhr.virginia.gov/registers/Cities/Lynchburg/subsection:Kemper_Street_Industrial_HD_2008_NR_final.pdf dated: 24-Nov-2008 ... "The N&W Overall Company began manufacturing overalls (probably in Roanoke) for the Norfolk & Western Railroad in1900 (hence the name34). Isadore Sachs, a Russian-born clothing manufacturer, appears in the 1900 census for Roanoke, Virginia. However, the Jewish Publication Society’s “American Jewish Yearbook” for 1904-1905 lists him in Lynchburg, care of the N & W Overall Factory. The 1910 census indicates that Sachs was the president of the overall factory, and that his twenty-six year old son Joseph was a cutter there. By 1920, the census shows that Sachs was no longer the head of the N & W Overall Company, but was a retail merchant, which is confirmed in the 1925 city directory, which lists him as owning “Sach’s Sample Store, General Merchandise.


Unfortunately the URL in that note is defunct. 


Rob Doorack


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N&W Overalls was a long time  company in Lynchburg and I recall seeing its plants in the 1950s and 60s. 


Go to the web and enter N&W Overalls- Lynchburg and you will find pictures of the plants and a number of railroad pictures some of which I had never seen.


N&W Overalls, to the best of my knowledge, had no corporate relationship to the N&W Railroad.


    Ray Smoot

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 For years I have heard of N&W Overalls, Lynchburg, Va. Was this company affiliated with the N&W Railway? Where in Lynchburg was the manufacturer’s plant located? Beautiful photo by Mike Pierry, Jr.! 

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I probably am late to the party but this sign was something new for me. Mounted inside the replica Depot in Matewan.


Mike Pierry, Jr. 



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