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The whistle post you call it I think is a phone box.  Notice telephone wires connecting to it.  I seem to remember photos taken from about where the road crossing is at Vicker showing 5 tracks in front of the station (which had 1 of its own).  The 3 tracks throws me off because I’m not familiar with the area.


Jim King

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Well I think you're close. I'm thinking this is more toward Walton and that's the Walton middle track. It appears the the Y is on cruise and it's westbound making it a Bluefield train if it stays on that track. Also assuming that's a whistle post in the foreground possibly for the crossing. Another possibility is east of Vicker. There are a few more places where Crab Creek was walled for reroute during the re-alignment and  to prevent erosion. there was a middle track at one time as a lead (eastbound climbing track?) to the Vicker plant. In addition to the Y, I love SPS box car!

Charlie Long

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Stone wall reminds me of Vicker but that was 4-tracks wide.  Any idea where this shot was made?


Jim King

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