Any Shenandoah Valley Line experts around?

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Tue Jul 30 02:04:06 EDT 2019

I’m currently working on a new video of Nickel Plate Berkshire 759 and the last run of the Pocahontas in 1971.

The 759 pulled a freight from Hagerstown to Roanoke on April 24, 1971 and the final Pocahontas from Roanoke to Norfolk on May 1st.
There are many scenes of the freight en-route to Roanoke but the photographers don’t recall where they were at the time so I need an “expert” who can identify where the shots were made. If anyone from the list can assist with this, please get in touch with me off-list.

Thanks for any assistance.

-Jim Herron
Herron Rail Video
hrvideo at

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