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    Seems like I saw an RF&P coach on #7 a few times . . .            Not No. 7, but No. 8 -- I have a distant photo made at Jameson Labor Day, 1956 showing a K-2, baggage car, and an RF&Pcoach.  Kinda strange, but No. 8 terminated in Norfolk and No. 7originated at Petersburg.  There were three Class K locomotivesassigned to Petersburg -- 121-122-123.  These engines wereequipped with GRS train stop control so that they could operate over ACL to Richmond.  Saw 121 on No. 7 at Thaxton.Don't know if Roanoke  was in the cycle for the Petersburgassigned K class or if the engine was coming to Roanoke forICC inspection or overhaul.                     Harry Bundy  
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