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Mike - 

The A class engines used a Worthington 6-SA feedwater heater system.  There was a turbine pump under the left side of the cab to provide the cold water and there was a hot water pump under the left running board at its forward end.

All the Js and the Y-6bs used Worthington SA systems.  N&W had hundreds of engines equipped with the earlier Worthington BL feedwater heaters, which appeared under the left running board and incorporated the pump and heater in one casing.  The Worthington systems were very efficient and dependable and, AFAIK, N&W never used feedwater heater systems from any other manufacturer (Elesco, Coffin, etc.) nor did it feel it necessary to build its own.

Ed King

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In this topside view of 1218 can be seen what I assume is the feedwater heater forward of the stack. Was this an in-house design or a product of an outside manufacturer?

Mike Pierry, Jr. 

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