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Earlier this month there was discussion about the Wabash coaches with fluted siding which under N&W ownership were smoothsided and painted N&W blue.  Here is a photo I found on line of 1829 lettered N&W.  This was one of eight cars Wabash bought in 1958 from an equipment dealer which had just bought them from Boston & Maine.  Interesting that B&M painted the window panel maroon.  The coaches were built by Pullman's Osgood-Bradley plant in 1947. I could only find one of these coaches listed under N&W in a 1966 Official Register of Passenger Equipment.

This is off track for N&W but here is a link with the history and a photo of these coaches when B&M owned them.  Also, the sale of these cars sent some rail executives to prison when it was discovered they were officers of both the equipment dealer and Boston & Maine.

--Rick Morrison
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