Stored Power in Roanoke VA (Feb 19th 2019)

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According to Chris Toth's site, most all of those units are still on the active roster and are just in storage. All of the SD60's, SD60M's, and SD60I's (6600's - 6800's) are scheduled to be sold a auction by NS. 25 of the remaining 50 some SD70's (2500's), many of which are in those images, are slated to be rebuilt into SD70ACc's in 2019. The remaining SD70M-2's and ex CR Dash 8-40CW's are just to be stored for now.

Welcome to PSR on NS.

Russ Goodwin
Oakwood, GA

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Thanks Steve for updating us on the stored NS Power in Roanoke, Va.

Norris Deyerle
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Here are some views first looking East from 10th Street looking Downtown, second a view looking West from 10th Street looking at Shaffer's Crossing showing a portion of the locomotives that are pulled from service for various reasons. Last is a view from 5th Street looking west showing all the locomotives together parked under 10th Street Bridge in Old Roanoke Hump Yard, (Taken Feb 19th 2019).

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