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Fri Dec 21 21:07:12 EST 2018

Gentlemen (and ladies),
You all might get a kick out of this: I was talking to my non-railroad
boyfriend and told him that I was reading the information provided about
Railroad Date Nails. I guess he only heard "Railroad Date" - looked at me
and asked if there is an app for that. He thought I was talking about a
Railroad Dating website somewhere!

By the way, I have a few (I was told) N&W date nails, but they are cut
nails and not wire. I'll have to read Mr. Oaks' information a little closer.

I guess my friend needs to be a little more educated.

Just thought you all would enjoy a little of what the general public knows
about railroading!

Warm Regards,

Tracy Foutz, Cairo, Georgia (and perhaps founder of The Railroad Dating
Site - Twisted Ties, maybe?)
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