Tonnage Ratinds and weather Reductions for locomotives

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> Still seems odd to me that the 1953 ETT for the Pokey Div. instructs 
> train tonnage to be reduced in cold weather solely to successfully 
> complete a terminal brake test and has no relation to over the road 
> performance.
> Well John, that's about the best I can do until we can come up with 
> something in print that actually spells it out. The answer you happen 
> to be looking for may be lost forever. I just know that tonnage wasn't 
> a factor in my career.
> Broken rails due to cold probably not as common when rails were jointed.
> Debateable, I doubt any records were kept.
> Curious. What year did you hire?
> 1972
> Thanks for your thoughts/experiences,  John Garner
> You are welcome.
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