Tonnage Ratinds and weather Reductions for locomotives

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I understand that. Your train length chart is from 1973 (dynamic-brake
diesel era).


I'm trying to understand the possible reasons behind tonnage reduction
instructions shown in a 1953 steam era NW time table. I think the list has
figured out the reasons for diesel era train length reductions well enough.
All I've gotten so for cold weather tonnage reduction is 1. Increased
likelihood of broken knuckles 2. Increased rolling resistance of friction
bearings 3. And maybe decreased braking capacity due to leakage. Are there
other factors?


John Garner


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Do you figure cold weather tonnage reductions were specified for the
difficulty of taking tonnage uphill or for braking tonnage downhill? Or

 John Garner

    What you are not understanding is, this is not about tonnage. Read the
top and bottom of the chart. This is about train length! 

Jimmy Lisle

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