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For all you name etymologists out there, an N&W mechanical foreman in Portsmouth married a lady whose surname was Zollichoffer.  When I was at Portsmouth in the early 1960s I roomed at her house; she was long widowed.  She professed to having a family castle in Austria, but I haven’t been able to confirm it.  She also played a cutthroat hand of bridge with some other ladies; I survived a few hands but bled profusely from them.


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When I hear a word I do not understand, my linguo-tilt light goes off and the search engines rev up.  Trailing is what one name-etymology site says about the name "Phetteplace," although, unfortunately, no etymology is given.  (The name looks Norman, to me.)

I also checked WhitePages for any Phetteplaces still living around Smithsburg, Maryland (a hamlet 4 miles east of Hagerstown.)  Sure enough, some of the family is still there.


The surname Phetteplace was first found in Oxfordshire where one of the earliest records was of Adam Feteplace, Mayor of Oxford in 1245.  A Walter Feteplece was also recorded around the same time in that area. Sir Phillip Fettiplace (1220-1302), purchased the manor of North Denchworth from Ralph de Cameys in 1263. 

Thomas Faiteplace was listed in Oxfordshire in 1210 and Robert Fetesplace was listed in the Assize Rolls of Bedfordshire in 1227. "A especially Oxford name, borne by a 14th century mayor."


The name was also most numerous in Swinbrook, where the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Swinbrook, held by Geoffrey who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086. The Church of England parish church of Saint Mary in Swinbrook dates from about 1200 and is noted for its 17th century Fettiplace monuments.

There is a distinct branch of the family found in Nottinghamshire from very early times. Another branch of the family was found at Besselsliegh in Berkshire. "It takes its name from the ancient family of Bessels, an heiress of which conveyed the estate by marriage to the Fettyplaces; and Sir Edmund Fettyplace sold it, about 1620, to Wm. Lenthall, master of the rolls, and speaker of the house of commons in the Long parliament."


Of particular interest is Elinor Fettiplace (née Poole) (c.1570-c. 1647.) She wrote Elinor Fettiplace's Receipt Book in 1604. Hilary Spurling, the wife of a descendant of Fettiplace first published the book in 1986 and today it gives an interesting and quaint compilation of recipes that were typical of the Elizabethan household life.

Outstanding amongst the family at this time was Edward Fettiplace(c.1495-1549), Justice of the Peace for Berks and in 1539, he was one of those appointed to receive Her Grace, Anne of Cleves, on her arrival in England from Dusseldorf; Sir John Fettiplace, Sheriff of Berkshire (1568-1577); and John Fettiplace...

To escape the political and religious chaos of this era, thousands of English families began to migrate to the New World in search of land and freedom from religious and political persecution. The passage was expensive and the ships were dark, crowded, and unsafe; however, those who made the voyage safely were encountered opportunities that were not available to them in their homeland. Many of the families that reached the New World at this time went on to make important contributions to the emerging nations of the United States and Canada. Research into various historical records has revealed some of first members of the Phetteplace family to immigrate North America: Gyles Fettyplace, who arrived in Virginia in 1663; and Thomas Fettplace who arrived in Maryland in 1653.


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