N&W Divisional Structure in 1891

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Pursuant to your designation of me to provide the refreshments, I complied
by purchasing the elixir shown in the attachment.  None of the three people
that you designated  to prepare the railroad officials chart showed up
(after a few sample drinks I may have overlooked inviting them), so I had
to consume the entire contents of the bottle myself.  Kudos to you and your
family for the find quality of this product.

Gordon Hamilton



On 7/25/2018 1:00 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:

I have never been able to get clear on the administrative re-structurings
which occurred over the years.

So'z, this morning I was reading through the 1891 Proceedings of the
American Society of Railroad Superintendents (really racy stuff, ya
know...) and found the following in the membership list:

James C. Cassell, Supt. LYNCHBURG DIV at Roanoke.

E. L. DuBarry, Supt. EASTERN DIV at Crewe

John G. Osborne, Supt. WESTERN DIV at Radford

The Chair therefore appoints Messrs. Bundy, Blackstein, Miller and Hamilton
as a committee of four to research and work all this out in chart form,
complete with dates.  Messrs. Bundy, Blackstein and Miller can do the work,
and Mr. Hamilton will handle the "Refreshments" aspect of things...

                -- abram burnett

who swimmeth in the divisional confusion

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