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You are welcome Stephen.
Speaking of the book, the part that really got my interest was the bridge list. I have photographed and wrote notes and have a list of them from my own personal observations. I have found several bridges in archive items I have received that are not in the list or on any track charts that I have seen.
I would think with all the items and photos people have themselves, it would take several books to tell it all. I was ecstatic to see this book on the N&W in Ohio, and promptly got myself a copy.  
I have a list the railroad did of the Cincinnati district bridges a friend gave me. With the book, my list and the railroads list, this would make for a very comprehensive bridge listing for the line.
There is so much information you can get from the archive items, if you take some time with a magnifying glass or zoom in on the computer and do some scanning of them. So much has been lost in time, but a lot of it is still traceable at least in the leafless months.
Over the past couple of years, we have lost several CPL's on the Peavine, which is something else that needs to be updated..

Jeff Wood

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