Glade Spring Depot

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Thu Jul 26 09:29:00 EDT 2018

 Here you go Andre!

This is the finished side.

I may put the sign story in with Abe’s article.

I’m pretty sure this was 1979-80.

Took me a bunch of hours to redo that lettering, I had not been out of
college that many years and still remembered a bunch from my lettering

Ken Miller


Thanks Ken and Abram, for your thoughts and info. I eagerly await the
> coming Glade Spring Arrow encyclical!
> Abram, your post got largely camouflaged by stray HTML, but I was able to
> decipher it all, I think.
> When the Sou. 630 excursion passed by in 2014, the "new" depot was still
> standing, but painted in a non-regulation yellow scheme with dark racing
> stripes. I liked the sedate gray better.
> And Ken, I'd love to see a photo of that old sign!
> Andre Jackson
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