1948 CTC Peavine article

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ANCOR station was the stop named after the ANCOR factory started in 1918. 

The plant covered over 400 acres and made nitrate for the WW1 due to Germany cutting supplies.

ANCOR is acronym for Air Nitrate Corporation. All the nitrate was shipped via the N&W the reason for the massive industrial yard.

When the WW1 was over the company closed.

I have a photo which I will try to find.

Stephen Rineair


PS: Rineair is FRENCH which means “AIR of the Rhine” or pronounced Renyea’



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Scribit Stefanos von Rineair:

By the way all the letters in ANCOR should be Capital Letters. -- Stephen Rineair


Aw'right, Senator Rineair...  I will take the bait.

Tell me about the name "ANCOR."  Is that word an acrostic or an acronym?  I had always uncritically assumed it was a play on the word Ancora, the name of the ancient city in present Turkey (formerly spelt Ancyra, or more modernly spent Angora) which goes back to Hittite times.  When I hear words like this, my "Tilt Light" goes off, so just had'ta  ax you about ANCOR, Ohio..

-- abramo burnardo,

chairman of the bored

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