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Subject: Lynchburg Rail Day 2018 Free, $1.00 and White Elephant Table Railroad Related Items


I received positive feedback from our Blue Ridge Chapter, NRHS Members and Friends regarding the addition of "Everything's A Dollar" table at last year's LRD 2017. I just want to clarify the way that these three different tables will be set up. Ever since we have hosted Lynchburg Rail Day we have always had a free or give away table. That table is set up for BRC Members to give away railroad related items. Both model and prototype railroad items are acceptable. Items such as railroad historical society membership brochures, museum membership applications, upcoming model and railroadiana show fliers, etc. are welcomed. New last year was the "Everything's A Dollar" table. That is again available for BRC  members and their friends to donate items that still do have a value of at least one dollar to the BRC, NRHS to raise money for railroad preservation projects. We have pre-priced $1.00 flea market style stickers to apply to the dollar table items when you bring them to the check in table. These items will not be returned to the folks that donate them unless you are there to personally pick them up and take them back home at the end of the train show. We will donate the remaining items to other needy organizations if you don't pick them up. The BRC, NRHS does not have a place to store them. Now for the ever popular "White Elephant Table". Our "WET" get's more popular each year. This is where you can offer for sale your more valuable model and railroadiana items. The BRC, NRHS will offer your items for sale for a 20% commission.  Example: If we sell your model locomotive for $100.00 then you will get $80.00 and the BRC will keep $20.00. If we don't sell your items then you pay $ZERO! To read the complete "WET" Guidelines please log onto our website, www.blueridgenrhs.org<http://www.blueridgenrhs.org> and go to the Lynchburg Rail Day section. If you have any questions about how to price your items or on which table they should be put on please feel free to contact me. We have several members that will help you price your "WET" items. We would like to hear from you ASAP.  Waiting until the day of the show really doesn't allow us time to research their values. The "Everything's A Dollar" table is still new to us also. We will need to work together to make this table a success! With these three tables available you should be able to clean out your excess railroad stuff! The extra money that these tables will generate will be a big help towards the many railroad preservation projects we have going on around our area. On August 10, 2018, the Friday afternoon before the show we have the hall open to accept items for all three of these tables from approximately 3:00 pm till 7:00 pm. Thanks for your cooperation!

See you at LRD 2018!


Blue Ridge NRHS<http://www.blueridgenrhs.org/>
Blue Ridge chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

Norris Deyerle

Blue Ridge Chapter, National Railway Historical Society Chairman of Virginia's Rail Heritage Region Partners and

Lynchburg Rail Day 2018 Model Train Show Coordinator

744 Chinook Place

Lynchburg, Virginia 24502-4908

Cell: 434-851-0151
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