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Hey Andre

According to the N&W Magazine from August 1964, the 107 year old Glade Spring station was to be replaced completely by October of that year.

Only a portion of the original depot was still standing at the writing and as soon as the metal building was complete, it would be torn down.

Coming in a future issue of the Arrow is Abe Burnett’s article on “Glade Spring Memories” which is his detailed record of some of his early days of employement on the N&W. I may include a reprint as a sidebar of the N&W Magazine story.

As a total aside to this my own Glade Spring story is I have the station sign off the building. Way back about 1978-79, I learned from my father that Conductor Paul Compton had the sign in his basement. Mr. Compton had asked the men tearing down the place to save him the sign, he wanted it to paint over and give to one of his aunts for a sign for her antique shop. The crew took the sign down, and the hanging brackets, and when Mr. Compton came in on 42, they loaded it up in the baggage car for him. He brought it home, painted over both sides with thick white paint, lettered “Antiques” on one side, flipped it over and started lettering the “Ant”, then something told him to stop and look at the other side. He had started lettering the back upside down. So, frustrated, he stopped, and never got back to it. 13-14 years later, I did some photographic work for him and traded for the sign. I loved signs, still do. Spent about three days carefully stripping off layers of paint, down to what was left of the original sign board. Then I recreated the original lettering and hand lettered it back on one side, leaving the back side with was left of the original paint and lettering. I had it on display at the old VMT building for several years, then VMT tried to claim it as theirs when I took it back out. it now hangs in my garage.

Ken Miller

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> Hi all:
> I am curious as to approximately what year the "new" concrete block depot replaced the old brick depot at Glade Spring, on the Bristol line?
> Insights, knowledge, memories, etc. welcomed. And thanks,
> Andre Jackson
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