1948 CTC Peavine article

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Jeff: One of the surprises to me was the massive rail yard at ANCOR. (now
the gravel pit/lake).
By the way all the letters in ANCOR should be Capital Letters.
Stephen Rineair

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I know of the siding for the power station for the trolley line that ran
through Perintown. I had tried to find it years ago but with no luck. David
McNeil wrote several books on trolleys and the Cincinnati Georgetown &
Portsmouth rail lines. The foundations are still very visible in the fall
and winter months. 
Perintown siding had grown to 6046 feet, but I do not know when it was
removed. I was happy to see the photo of the east end of Perintown siding in
the article.
Lots of great stuff out there and some times it just drops in your
lap/laptop from unexpected sourses.

Jeff Wood
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