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My copy arrived last week and it's a terrific issue, as usual. It did, 
however have a nasty crease (fold) on the cover and first page.  Plastic 
cover might have prevented this.  That's my 2¢ worth.

Walter Davis, Youngsville, NC

On 6/19/2018 6:27 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> "The Arrow" arrived in a timely manner for me in Roanoke, but for some 
> reason the postal gremlins noticed the absence of a protective plastic 
> wrap, and decided to give my copy a few significant creases and folds 
> that weren't part of Ken's design. I doubt that plastic wrap ever 
> offered me protection from anything beyond the occasional raindrop, 
> but I never had an Arrow delivered with a crease up to this point. 
> "Coincidence? I think not...." (insert smiley face here).
> I certainly do like the heavy outer cover with more informal content 
> as a protective layer, as well as the inclusion of the Commissary 
> catalog, and the overall shift in content. Ken, you bring a great eye 
> to the task of generating content that appeals to a wide spectrum, and 
> I hope to be a contributor of a few small items in the near future.
> Stephen Warren
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