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 My June,1989 photo of 1218 crossing the stone arch structure made famous
by O Winston Link with his father and son and Christmas tree image. This is
RT 645, the river is adjacent to the left.

Mike Pierry, Jr.


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> Andre:
> N&W's Radford Division track chart shows Bridge 322 crossing the
> Holston River and State Route #645.  It's 132 feet long.  and is
> *east* of the station at Seven Mile Ford.  If this isn't the bridge you're
> speaking about, let me know.   The 1916-17 inventory made by the
> ICC shows build dates for stations, but I don't know about bridges.
> Some show drawings of the abutments.  Next time I'm at the archives
> (July), I'll check out ICC's paperwork for Bridge #322.   Harry Bundy
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