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There was passenger train service on the Honaker Branch (Honaker to
Blackford) from 1908 until 1938 or 1939. There is a discussion of this
service on pages 189-194 of Norfolk & Western's Clinch Valley Line by Ed
Wolfe, Bucky Wilson and me (available from the Commissary), and several
timetables from that period are reproduced on those pages.


The Honaker Branch passenger service is also described on pages 212-213 of
Clinch Valley Norfolk & Western District Line by Alex Schust and Mason
Cooper (also available from the Commissary), and a 1922 timetable is
reproduced on page 212.




Paul Mandelkern

Winter Park, Florida


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Did any passenger or mixed trains ever operate on the Honaker line?  

Did anything other than the G class locomotives work that branch?

Dr. J. Brent Greer


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Not Honaker. (wrong motive power) I vote for Virginia Creeper.


Jim Nichols


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There is currently a couple photos on Ebay taken from a branch line mixed
train with a bunch of stock cars on the head end (?maybe Honaker?).  The
thing that caught my eye were the "trees" along the line.  It looks like
they might have been cut and might be being used as line poles.  Can anyone
comment on whether this was actually practiced and if so, where and when. 


Jim Cochran





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