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  Felix Freeman and the Norfolk Southern Historical Society will be joining us for our 2018 convention.  Felix has arrange a shop tour of the Aberdeen Carolina and Western Railway in Candor, NC on Saturday May 19th and all convention attendees are invited. This tour does not have a cost and all attendees would be responsible for transportation.  Please see Felix's below.  The AC&W is hoping to receive a headcount as soon as possible.  If you are interested or need further details, please contact Felix Freeman at freeman.felix at gmail.com
Todd ArnettDirector, NWHS2018 Convention Chairman
"Each person in our Group will beresponsible for their own transportation.  You might want to think aboutthe use of a bus to get your Group to and from Spencer to Candor.  Whenthe Southern Railway Historical Association did their AC&W Shop Tour a fewyears ago they used a bus.  The AC&W has indicated that they want tobegin the tour at 10:00 am on May 19.  This will work out perfect. In the notice that I will send to our members I will let them know to be thereat that time and that they should make plans for their owntransportation.  As our group will be coming from various locations thiswill work out better for all.  I do not know how long the tour willlast.  However there should be plenty of time to do the tour, eatsomewhere, and to be back in Spencer in time for the banquet.  Googledirections via highways 64E & I73/I74 give the travel distance as being68.4 miles with a travel time of 1 hour 7 minutes.  At the time of thiswriting to my knowledge there will be no cost for this tour.  Expenses foreach of those attending will be transportation in getting to and from Candorand any meals incurred.  If your Group chooses to have lunch Asheborowould be a good place to do so.  Candor has limited facilities. If you chose to travel the 64E &I73/I74 route you will encounter three former depots of interest.  Youwill not go directly past these.  However with a small detour you would beable to see them.  Those three would be at Asheboro, Seagrove, and Candor. The depot at Asheboro is locatednear where the former Aberdeen & Asheboro (a NS predecessor) and the formerHigh Point, Randleman, Asheboro,and Southern (a Southern Railway predecessor)came together.  This is located near the intersection of W. Salisbury St.and White Oak St. The depot at Seagrove is a former NSstructure.  It has been relocated and is now a business (Turn & BurnPottery).  It is located near the intersection of N. Broad St. (highwayalt. 220) and East Avenue.  NS had a line from Star to Asheboro which wasabandoned in 1948.  Seagrove is on this line. The depot at Candor is a former NSstructure and still stands at its original location.  It is in very poorcondition.  It is near the intersection of Debra St. and E. Railroad St."
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