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> One morning the westbound had an ancient 4-axle engine with flames
> coming out the stack.  I notified the Chief Dispatcher...

The Elkton Va. Volunteer Fire Department Is located right across the 
parking lot from the Bark Siding & Mainline in the heart of beautiful 
downtown Elkton, Va. The EVFD was a hotbed of activity on summer nights 
as many people would congregate outside talking over whatever it is they 
talk over on long summer nights. Blasting north through town on a summer 
night, I grabbed the fifth notch trying to accelerate the train out of 
the hole back at the "Chicken Crossing". Just then, one of the trailing 
Dash-8's started performing one of its short, well known "Hawaiian Luau 
Fire Dance" shows. It is four miles from Elkton to the yard board in 
Shenandoah and it takes a  little bit more than five minutes to get 
there. By the time I got to the north end of Elkton, the yard office in 
Shenandoah hollared at me over the radio that I had an engine on fire. I 
looked back and nothing was flaming. I told them nothing was on fire, 
but, they said the Elkton Fire Dept. had reported a big fire. Well, it 
was spouting flames when I went past them, however, the flames will stop 
when the turbo lag gets caught up to the engine RPM. So, it wasn't 
flaming then. As I slowed down to enter the yard at Shenandoah and 
passing the steps at the Moose Lodge (Verbena), low & behold there was 
the Shenandoah Volunteer Fire Department crew decked out in all of their 
finest regalia just waiting to put out the big fire! Gosh, I hated to 
disappoint them.

Jimmy Lisle

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