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Lack of passenger patronage  ?-- that's a good question.  Nos. 9 and 10 usually ran
with five head-end cars and a coach.  I know that back in December, 1956, No. 10
spent about 20 mins. at Wytheville exchanging Christmas mail, REA traffic, etc.
After discontinuance  of Nos. 9 and 10, I believe head-end traffic was transferred
to Nos. 45 and 46.   In the cycle of J-class locomotives, since No.10 topped off at Vicker,
the engine laid over at the station in Roanoke for several hours, but didn't go to Shaffers
Crossing for service.  EdK: Is this correct ? 

Two related observations:
Seven minutes between Kinney and Montview ?  True, the connection isn't that
long, but there's something railroaders know as "padding".  Remember, a train
can't pass a station before the time listed in the time table, so at times, a few
extra minutes are added to make the train's arrival at the crew-change point look
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