Abingdon coal wharf and engine house

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At some time after WWII the Abingdon terminal was closed and the train 
operated out of Bristol.  If someone knows the date, I'd be very interested. 
I believe a superheated W-2, the 771, was assigned to the Branch but after 
the Abingdon engine terminal was closed and the trains operated over the 
main line to Bristol, superheated class Ms were used, notably the 382, 429 
and 495.  There may have been others.


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I’ve been trying to determine if the coal wharf/trestle and engine house 
just west of Pecan Street in Abingdon on the lead to the Abingdon branch we’re 
still standing (and functioning??) in the mid-50s.  The 1929 track map of 
Abingdon (HS-F10182) shows both of these structures.  Unfortunately, I could 
find no photos or video footage of this particular spot.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Gary Hoover
Modeling the N&W in the mid-50s
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