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Interesting, Bruce. Though the pole line has disappeared, telecommunications companies
have found that laying fiber-optic cable beneath the railroad right-of-way is easier than
bargaining with a multitude of land-owners for a more direct route.  Behind my property
(Mile Post N-252)  there are three fiber-optic lines owned by Verizon, AT&T, and  ? 
and on the south  side of the main track is NS's. In Ohio,  the landowners' had granted
B&O rights to cross their property; B&O did not buy the land.  In the event the railroad
was abandoned, property would revert to the owners.  CSX granted rights to several
telecommunications companies, then abandoned the track. So the property owners
have filed a suit.
   Harry Bundy    

   will also suggest the demise of the S&C and power lines is also a factor. Without signal and power lines along the right of way, which needed to be clear of encroaching vegetation and nearby trees that that might drop a branch across the lines, the need for "landscaping" along the tracks was eliminated.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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