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Abram, this has nothing to do with railroading but gives an interesting insight to Mr. Soule's character and life in Roanoke in the 1890s. When R.P.C. Sanderson was at engineering school in Germany he learned to the play the cello (as if learning German and taking technical courses at the same time wasn't enough). During the years he lived in Roanoke (aprox. 1882-1900) he had three different chamber music groups. Mr. Soule played first violin in the second generation of those groups along with Mr. Loeb (2nd violin), Mr. Yeatman (viola) and R.P.C. (cello). They got together most Saturday nights. On some occasions they performed publicly but most often if was simply in one of their parlors.

BTW, I would be interested in participating in the project to create a detailed chronology of the N&W as mentioned in one of your previous posts.

Peter Getz

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