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Fri Oct 27 17:31:43 EDT 2017

My mistake on the signals. I'm so use to calling CPL's, I forget they were position lights originally.
I had heard they were installed in the 1940's, according to the annual reports when they did the re-alignment from Mineral springs to Peebles.
Thank you for the CPL date. I can put that into my signal documentation.
I do have a copy the the track chart, date 1927, up dated 1963. I also have a copy of a 2001 track chart witch shows icons of each signal.
Lastly, I received my copy of the book N&W in Ohio, Scioto Division 1890-1930. WOW very impressive book. If you love the N&W Ohio side, you need to get this book, FANtastic!!!
Thank you for all the feedback. 

Jeff Wood


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