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Keep in mind that there were very few CPLs installed as such; the great majority of them were converted position light signals.  The process of converting was occurring on the Pocahontas Division when I was working at Wilcoe in 1962, and a signal honcho told me that they were converting the voltage of the lights at the same time.


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>From memory, CPLs came on line in the late 1960s.  You might find a
Scioto Division track chart of interest.  Among many other items (weight of
rail, degree of curvature, elevations), the signals are shown including
number of heads and whether it is capable of displaying a STOP indication.
The track chart does NOT identify the signal by number.

.  For example, a 1984 track chart shows that there
were signals located timetable west of McDermott Road at Rushtown
governing traffic in both directions.  Each signal had a single target
and weren't capable of displaying a STOP indication.

The archives has older track charts than my 1984 edition.  It takes
seventeen  8 1/2" X 10" pages to cover the Cincinnati District. Copies
are $0.25 each page.                                      Harry Bundy

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