Water Reservoir East of Iaeger

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Thu Sep 7 18:38:22 EDT 2017

Does anyone in this group know anything about a dam, and water reservoir on
the Clear Fork just before the Clear Fork empties into the Tug River. This
is about 5 or 6 miles east of Iaeger.

Coordinates are: 37 26' 46.3", -81 44' 14.1"

I have a co-worker who travels that part of the country exploring the
country side on ATVs. He uses many of the established trails that were once
railroad road beds throughout southern West Virginia,.

Last weekend he come upon this dam. See attached pictures. Some of his
traveling party told him this dam was built to create a reservoir to gather
water by the railroads to provide a supply for steam locomotives.

I recall hearing of such things in the past. But, I wondered if anyone
could confirm this and new anything about such facillities. Was the water
pump up to holding tanks, treated before use, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Byrd
Chesterfield, VA

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