Where Did V&T Meet the Southside RR in Lynchburg ?

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If the Southside Railroad is what became the Durham Branch of the N&W, the
connection was just west of the tunnel about two miles west of the
Lynchburg passenger station. It was also just before the line passed under
the Southern Railway trestle built as part of the "new" Southern route
through Lynchburg in 1912. The location can still be seen by looking at
Google maps.

    Ray Smoot

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Our daughter was in college there four years. To us it has always
been"Lunchbag". Just a bit of local color for your edification.

No idea of the junction of SS & V&T!

Jeff Sanders

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Mr. Wiley's recent post on railroading around Lunchburg  [sic... my
favorite typographical error :-) ]  leadeth me to realize that I do not
know where the Southside RR and the V&T met in "Lunchburg."
Can one of the "locals" enlighten me?
       -- abram burnett,
brakesman lost in the dark

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