Where Did V&T Meet the Southside RR in Lynchburg ?

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Our daughter was in college there four years. To us it has always
> been"Lunchbag". Just a bit of local color for your edification.

Our oldest son also spent four years at Lynchburg College. He took some
history classes from the Potters (well-known husband and wife local
historians) who reported that the "Lunchbag" term isn't really "wrong." It
was applied in WWI when it was a stopping point for troop trains and the
residents provided meals for the soldiers.

As to the V&T connection, that will require some digging.
Question/clarification: did the Southside come into town on the "present"
route across Percival's Island from the start? Or did it just cross the
eastern end of the island to reach the west bank of the river to continue
on, on what is today Concord Turnpike?

Bruce in Blacksburg
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