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And, Columbia, PA has a busy NS line (the Port Road) from  Harrisburg to 
Baltimore running through the town along the wide,  beautiful Susquehanna 
River. The line used to be electric powered & the  uprights are still present. 
Visiting that site is worth the trip to  Columbia.    
Terry Marshall
Hagerstown, MD
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Railroads and time keeping by both watches and clocks  have been 
inextricably linked since almost the beginning of railroading.   NWHS members 
attending the society's national convention in Strasburg, PA,  next month should 
consider visiting the National Association of Watch and  Clock Collectors 
national museum in Columbia, PA.  The museum is only 22  miles from the 
convention headquarters,
The collection in the Watch and Clock museum consists of  over 12,000 
items, and "...the museum is recognized as the largest and most  comprehensive 
horological collection in North America", according to its  website.  For open 
hours, admission charges and directions, go  to:
In the left column check on "Visiting" and then the sub  category of 
Gordon Hamilton
(that's Hamilton like the  watch)

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