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Depends on the era.  In the late steam era, 50-ton twin and 70-ton triple hoppers were prevalent.  They had over 12000 twins in one class, the H9, which had been rebuilt from a class HL.  In the 1920s they built over 12000 class HU 70-ton quad hoppers which were rebuilt into a class H3 triple which lasted until the early 1960s.  There were a couple of other classes of prevalent triples – the H2 and H2a.  They built 8000 class H10 triples beginning in 1956.  In 1960 they built the first 85-ton triple, the H11, and went on to enlarge that design into a 95-ton H11a of which they built thousands.  I recommend getting a copy of one of the N&W coal car histories that will edify you nicely.

The terms twin, triple and quad refer to the number of hopper bottoms.  They also had a bunch of class H1 cars which were flat bottom with transverse doors.


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​What was the most common size coal hopper N&W used?  I remember as a boy watching long coal trains come into Norfolk and most coal hoppers looked to be the same size, but not all.  Thanks,


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