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Pages 7 to 9 of “Bluestone – N&W Branch Line,” available from the commissary, provides an explanation to your question. Basically Bluestone Jct was where the main line to Pocahontas and the Flat-Top Extension originally split. The original idea was to build the Flat-Top Extension down the Bluestone River, up Crane Creek and through Peters Gap. When Samuel Crozer invested in the N&W, the N&W built the main line up Mill Creek Branch and constructed the Elkhorn Tunnel to reach Crozer’s 17,000 acers on Elkhorn Creek.


Bluestone MP 1 actually occurs between MP 374 and 375 which places it on the main line when MPs were established as measured from Norfolk between 1888 and 1893.


Wooden MPs were originally used, but concrete MPs were in place at many locations by 1916.


Alex Schust


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Why was the 375 milepost used as the first milepost on the Bluestone Branch in lieu of the B1 milepost since the rest of the mileposts on the branch have a "B" prefix?  Also it appears the 375 milepost on the Bluestone is of a slightly different design than the current N375 milepost between Coopers and the east end of Elkhorn Tunnel.  Is that accurate?  Attached are photos of both.  How old do might that 375 milepost on the Bluestone Branch be?  I'm very interested to learn more about them.  


Jeff Hawkins


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