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When I order preprinted checked baggage tags, it's always for the most popular stations first then the less traveled stations. My main rack (a plastic version of an older style) contains all the checked baggage stations on the Cardinal route. Then, I keep a secondary rack with the more popular stations that my customers go to off line. 

For all other stations, I have "universal tags" that the station name and code is hand written in the blanks. While these are mighty handy they take longer to fill out (if filled out properly). When you have a train bearing down on you time can get critical (at least at my station :-)

In speaking with longtime C&O ticket agent Marvin Plumley, you wanted as many preprinted items as you could because in the days of hand written tickets, things could get complicated, especially if the passenger had several connections and booked Pullman space as well. 

Hope that information was helpful

Matt Crouch


Thank you for your perspectives, Matt.

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
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