Old Bridge Near Roderfield, WV

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I am fairly sure those are WVDH markings I have seen them on other WV bridges . All though I am not up on  their number system.
And the blue paint probably did not start until the 1970s

Larry Evans

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> Attached are several photos of a bridge that carries WV 7 (Davy Roderfield Rd) across the Tug Fork between Marytown and Roderfield.  Was this part of an old mainline alignment or was this a branch line?  I'm also curious about the mileage markings on the bridge.  It was painted "1.28" in two different locations using two different fonts. 
> I'd previously inquired about the old tunnel and two bridges at Twin Branch.  Those had mileage markings of 5.20 and 5.32.  One of which was barely discernable.  The mileage increased from west to east.  They sure look like railroad markings and I've never seen anything like this applied by a state DOT on bridges. 
> Any insight is greatly appreciated. 
> Jeff Hawkins
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