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Good afternoon from the UK,


I experienced a similar problem. A gold medal presented to the National Railway Museum by the railway administration of Moldova was not on the inventory when I checked some years after the presentation ceremony. Worrying.




Phil Mortimer


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My wife and I belong to another club and a large collection was given to a Museum that had some very RARE items never to be seen or heard of again in the last twenty years. This is why I will never donate items to a museum.

Stephen Rineair


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The Alley "Whistle Machine" was donated to the Watauga Valley RHS&M in Johnson City, TN. There is a N&W whistle on board but I don't know its pedigree. Will assume it went to VMT as a later post claims.


Fred Waskiewicz



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This is why I often recommend to collectors to sell their railroad items to other collectors and make a donation to their favorite museum.  People make donations to a museum and expect their collection to be displayed.  This is usually not the case.  Most museum can use cash donations more than just "more stuff."   This is just something to consider when planning what to do with your collection.  I have collected builder's and number plates since 1963.  All of my plates will be going back into the hands of other collectors to preserve them for the future.  I also know of cases where donated plates have "disappeared" from museums.  I recently got an email from the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum to be on the look out for one of the Juniata plates from the PRR #460.  They had both of the original plates and now one is "missing."

Ron Muldowney

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One thing to remember about larger museums; anywhere between 70-90% of their holdings are in storage and not on display.  A retired Smithsonian employee told me that for them it was close to 95% of the stuff they had. He says there are hundreds of models of ships, airplanes, vehicles, and trains in storage and not on exhibit.  The online list is not likely to show everything sitting in warehouses and basements of the museum buildings.

So maybe they have the whistle; maybe not.

Jim Stapleton

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I am curious as to what happened to the FT Nichols whistle after Mr. Lee Alley passed away.
I had the privilege of blowing the whistle several times on Mr. Alley's "whizzle machine".
I have often wondered what became of the whistle after he passed away. I was told that the whistle was donated to the Smithsonian, but do not see it listed in their online listing of exhibits. I have even seen a poorly-worded YouTube video that makes the claim that the whistle was buried with Mr. Alley.
I am just wondering if we will ever hear it blow again.
Thanks in advance.
Jason Hollifield

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