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Watco restores rail service on idled section of West Virginia Secondary

August 23, 2016

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - During a time when Appalachian coal routes are being downgraded or idled, Watco is bringing one back to life. The Kanawha River Railroad, a Watco company, recently restored service on the entire length of Norfolk Southern's former West Virginia Secondary in southeast Ohio and West Virginia.

The new short line railroad ran a loaded unit coal train from Dickinson Yard near Charleston north along the Kanawha River to Point Pleasant and into Ohio early Monday. The train operated on sections of track in southeast Ohio that had been idled by NS in February. It is the first train to operate the entire length of the route in more than six months.

The Sandusky, Ohio, bound coal train featured two NS run-through locomotives and two NS EMD SD60s on lease to the Kanawha River Railroad.

In the coming weeks, managers for the Kanawha River Railroad plan to restore chemical train traffic on the north end of the route, too. NS used to operate its daily NS 380/381 trains from Watkins Yard in Columbus to Dickinson Yard, a distance of nearly 200 miles.

-Jeff Hensley

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