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The Head Brakeman rode in the doghouse.  The Flagman rode in the Caboose with the Conductor.

There were times when the Head Brakeman rode in the cab.  Engines like the 1100s had no doghouses, so the Head Brakeman had to ride in the cab.

The Flagman was always on the rear of the train.  In case flagging had to be done on the head end, either the Head Brakeman or the Fireman took care of it.


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I have 2 questions from steam engine railroading days:

1. Who rode in the "Dog House" on the tender - Flagman or Brakeman?

2. Who was the 3rd crew member in the cab of the engine - he sat behind the
     fireman - Flagman or Brakeman?

Looking forward to your answers.

Terry Marshall
Hagerstown, MD

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