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It has been many years since I've been down in that area of the N&W. IIRC heading east out of Bluefield on Rt. 460, as you get near Glen Lyn, you turn off and go through a small town and pick up a two lane road that runs by the power plant and under the location of the old VGN bridge.  That road is clearly seen in the portion of the clip you have posed question #2 and parallels the railroad for quite some distance.  So I would say that footage begins just east of Glen Lyn and then passing under the VGN at Glen Lyn. 
As far as question #1, I note the road I just referred to is not seen in this footage.  I believe the road returns back to/toward 460 just east of the large plant that was originally served by the VGN which made cigarette filters;  this would be east of Narrows but I'm not certain of the correct name of the area; it might be Pearisburg.  I never spent much time exploring the area between Pembroke and Pearisburg, but believe the footage in #1 would be in that area. I have seen some photos of this area and recall the name "Pallisades" (spelling???) being used in reference to the rocky terrain. 
Hopefully Ed Painter and John Snidow who lived in that area can be more definitive. 
I think the footage is wonderful; the Bluefield footage shows all kinds of equipment; as Jimmy Lisle has already pointed out, that streamlined coach still has its skirts on. 
I'm looking forward to more! 
Jim Brewer 
Glenwood MD 

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Okay its on our website, and you should be able to access with the link provided below. 
We welcome any comments about the content as to location, trains, or whatever!  If you 
wish to contact me directly here is my email. 
gregscholl at 

Here is the link for the video clip on youtube which is UNLISTED, but you should get there with the link. 
Greg Scholl 

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