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OK, here's an educated guess.  The N&W pole line is on the right of the track.  On the left is a Western Union pole line: short poles, single cross arm.  A Western Union pole line was on the right of way from Hagerstown to Roanoke. It was removed in 1955 or 1956.  I would vote for Shenandoah Division, north of Roanoke.

--Rick Morrison
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  Can anyone help us identify the location of this photo that came to the NWHS archives as an unlabeled print?
  (Cropped version attached; original version at the following URL:)

  It's a signaled single track line, with position light signals and N&W style code line ("telegraph") poles, in fairly hilly territory, with a road roughly following the tracks at a lower level.  But beyond that there is little else in the photo to identify the location. 

  Our archives volunteers had a few guesses on Saturday, but we were unable to positively identify the location.

  Answers, educated guesses, and unsupported opinions are all welcome!

  Joe Shaw
  NWHS Archives Volunteer



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