N&W and WM service agreements in Connellsville, PA?

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Tue Dec 15 10:53:03 EST 2015

A little more research about Connellsville which may come closer
to answering your question --
The Pittsburgh Division track chart of 1987 shows that the
connection to the WM at Connellsville has been taken out of
service from Frick east.  Once the WM got sucked into the
Chessie System (1975 ?), the Alphabet Route ceased to exist and
parts of the WM were taken up, leaving the only interchange at
Connellsville with B&O.  But there was still traffic interchanged
to B&O.  Because Rook was home terminal for P&WV crews, and
only 57 miles from Connellsville, the engine may be parked while the
crew takes rest.  Paying to have a foreign road  service locomotives
could be expensive.                   Harry Bundy

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