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Amtrak owns the tracks from Porter to Kalamazoo, MI.  State of Michigan owns the tracks from Kalamazoo to Townline in Dearborn, MI.
A captive Amtrak service can run from Niles to Dearborn however train would not be able to go into Chicago.
  No passenger trains service Detroit Meto Airport.  Amtrak runs on the Michigan Central, airport is on the Wabash.
  I think in the new Federal Highway funding bill there is an extension for putting PTC into service for three years, 2018.
K. Borg
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NS dropping Amtrak access puts the Detroit to Chicago route around the Detroit Airport and then around Jackson, Michigan, dead in the water I believe.

You will also see housing prices drop around Manassas-DC route I would guess.  Who owns the tracks running up through Quantico and Woodbridge that Amtrak uses to connect with the Metroline from the south along I-95?
Al Kresse

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