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IIRC, there was a US Navy (?) supply installation very near the Norfolk terminal of the N&PBL.  

pete groom (who briefly lived near the junction of the Belt’s line to the Norfolk terminal and the VGN)

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> I have no doubt that you saw N&W motive power delivering coal in the 60's.
> To the best of my knowledge, the N&W tracks did not go to the Naval Base.
> They stopped at Lamberts Point.  The Virginian tracks went closest to the
> base at Sewall's Point, where their coal pier was located.  According to
> Aubrey Wiley's book, the Virginian had a track that went into the base about
> where the base's power plant was located.  Once the Virginian and N&W merged
> in 1959, the N&W would have had access to the base over the Virginian
> tracks.  
> Skip Sledge
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> I was on the NOB from 1963 to 1967 and remember seeing N&W delivering  coal
> to the base. Alan Cox
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> I don't  think the N&W served the Norfolk Naval Base. I believe it was
> served by  the Norfolk Portsmouth Beltline.  The N&W would have served the
> Radford Ordnance Works and Fort Pickett in addition to Fort  Lee.
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