N&W served Virginia military bases circa 1940s

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There were two bases in the Norfolk area, but beyond the limits of
Norfolk Terminal:
1.  Little  Creek Amphibious Base (shown as Shelton, VA on the Norfolk

2- Oceana NAS (also on Norfolk Southern's Beach Div.)
Although NS got a "long haul"  (a % of the revenue), N&W, ACL, SAL,
and others regularly handed off MAIN * (troop trains) at Norfolk for
NS delivery.  Even into the mid-60s,  Navy reservists traveled in heavy
weight Pullmans to serve their two weeks of active duty at Little Creek.

Can't say it qualifies as a military base, but don't forget the AEC's
Teays Valley plant built after WWII near Waverly, OH.
                                                                         Harry Bundy
*  MAIN - Military Authorization Identification Number



Port of Norfolk – the port in general was served by N&W with connections through other roads.  Lamberts Point and some piers, warehouses, land and slips  owned by N&W had direct connections.  Some of the railway's facilities having direct connections were leased to the armed services and US Maritime Commission.

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