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My Dad was Ordnance Corps 1Lt and Captain Buckeye Ordnance Works from its beginning in 1940 thru closing and selling in 1947.  After Dec 1841, because of fears of saboteurs, he had to carry a Model 1911 and a leather pouch of loaded clips.  The plant  was located at South Point, Ohio, just across the high bridge from Kenova.  During the flood from the rapid winter-melt-off on the Ohio River in 1943, that bridge was the only easy access for workers to-from the plant from Huntington.  They put the plant in a temporary shutdown mode for a week or so for the railroads to fix washouts, etc. 
The N&W carried toxic chemicals in via tank cars to make explosives and propellants.  Dad said they only had one serious accident handling liquid chemicals . . . with one person being killed.  Wonder if we have any pictures of those rail shipments? 
Al Kresse . . . born in Ashland, KY, in November 1843 

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This list is not complete but includes most, if not the biggest. 

Lockbourne Army Air Base near Columbus. 
Buckeye Ordnance Works near Kenova. 
Radford Ordnance Works with connection at nearby Pepper and Cowan. 
New River Ordnance Works near Dublin, Va. 
National Fire Works at Bristol. 
Fort Lee at Petersburg. 
Camp Picket at Blackstone, Va. 
Camp Butner near Durham, N.C. 
Port of Norfolk ? the port in general was served by N&W with connections through other roads.  Lamberts Point and some piers, warehouses, land and slips  owned by N&W had direct connections.  Some of the railway's facilities having direct connections were leased to the armed services and US Maritime Commission. 

Bud Jeffries 

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