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Mailboxes were common for the placement of waybills. Mines especially used these when loads were tagged and ready to be pulled. The boxes would be located at various locations at the mine site.  Usually at the tipple or outlet track.   The use of mail boxes, on the Pocahontas Division, were not that common on the N&W mainline. However, if they were used, they were placed at very limited locations. The common practice was, when loads were set off or picked on line of road the waybills were placed inside the line side phone box. I have have picked up loads at this location and used this box. At the east end of the middle track the use of the line side phone box was used if east loads were placed in the middle track.-Jeff Hensley.

Sent from Anybody know or want to hazard a guess as to what purpose a mailbox (see photos) might serve between the mains at one end of a middle track?  This is at Superior, WV across Elkhorn creek from the tipple. Jim Cochran 
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